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    This is an idea I was toying around with for quite awhile - luckily I got the chance to put it into action, as a project for an English class! Inspired by a scene from Shakespeare's Hamlet, I made this piece so that it actually syncs up with that scene in the 1990 movie adaptation (the Mel Gibson one). After you've heard the track, you should check out the video, and the write-up I did for the assignment!

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Video: youtu.be/hd6mFmnaqJo (unmastered but w/e)

Write-up: tinyurl.com/opheliawriteup


Are you honest? Are you fair?


released April 13, 2017

Bryan HS - I made the thing

Special thanks goes out to Mr. Pomp, Nathan, and Ryan - as well the whole HoF crew! You've been a huge part of my recent *non-musical* creative endeavors, and they really helped fuel this project in particular ^_^

Plus, of course, shoutout to all my music friends - and *everyone* that puts up with me! I wouldn't make it without your immeasurable help, inspiration, and support <3




Chain Reaction Brunswick, New York

Let the music speak for itself.

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